04 February 2011

Loreal - Derma Genesis Eye Contour Cream

Under the eyes, one of the most delicate and wrinkle prone areas. They show the first signs of aging, they're a giveaway after a late night. Such an important little area to pay particular attention to and yet, it is so hard to know if the cream we're using is working or not. On the rest of the face it's pretty easy to tell, congestion means your cream is too heavy, dryness means it's too light. However, for the undereye area it's not that straight forward. Use the right cream and you look rested and may fend off the wrinklies for a few more years. Use the wrong cream and those nasty little lines are coming all the sooner. What to do?

Well, I refuse to pay a fortune for a cream, especially if I have no idea if it's any good. I want something that makes the shadows less obvious and makes the area look a little fresher. I need something makeup won't slide off and if it doesn't break the bank, that's a plus. I hope (and have fingers and toes crossed) the lines leave me alone for a while.

Personally, I find Loreal Genesis appears to fit the bill. It feels creamy enough to imagine it's doing some good. It has a pearlised effect, which when applied very sparingly, flatters the skin and makes shadows a little less blue. Furthermore, it seems to work well under my foundation and concealer as well. This range is designed for that akward age group... too old for younger creams, too young for full on wrinkle creams. Let's call it the 'preventative' group.

Advice: Apply this very sparingly.

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