15 May 2012

Too Faced Candlelight Revisited

I have to say I love a multitasking product, especially at this time of year when you might decide to have an impromptu weekend getaway or a day at the beach turns into an evening of drinks with friends. Having something in my bag that instantly brightens and flatters is essential. If it can achieve more than one purpose at a time, then bring it on, where do I sign up?

Originally, I was using Too Faced Candlelight as a very subtle highlighter and occasionally, but only at night, as a face powder. However, lately I have found further use for my pretty compact. This stuff makes a great under eye brightening and setting powder. Allow me to explain, I apply foundation, concealer and eye makeup, then I follow with a loose powder on the rest of my face and Candlelight just under the eyes and tres magnifique, it brightens and sets the concealer without ever looking cakey or overdone. 

Have you ever had an eye-shadow, which for some reason just seemed almost impossible to blend? Well, I take my Candlelight and swirl my blending brush in there before I buff the shadow in. This helps no end and adds just a subtle hint of brightness to the upper lid area. Not so much to change the colour of the shadow I was blending and without looking over the top. I like this when I want a look that doesn't appear too over done and I don't want to look like I have applied umpteen shades of shadow. 

I can imagine this magic compact could work brilliantly for anyone with a tan (that doesn't include me, I'm afraid), used just on the t-zone, this would absorb excess oil without making the face look flat. This is truly one of those products that you might buy and wonder 'What now?', I know I did, but you know what, it has proven to be a great little work horse in my beauty arsenal and yet somehow, there isn't even a dint in the compact. This stuff lasts ages. 

01 May 2012

Could Lip Stains be the Answer?

Of late, I have been getting more and more into lip colour. Gone are the days of barely there gloss and a dramatic dark eye being the only option for a night out. Typically, I would wear more discrete eye makeup during the day anyway, but for night it was a case of the more dramatic, the better, within limits of course.

Nowadays, I am finding a pop of colour on the lips brightens my complexion for daytime and gives a more polished look. While for night, a classic red lip can be oh so sophisticated. However, this does not come without drawbacks lippy on teeth being one best avoided and then there is the difficulty in eating/drinking, by which even the best of lipsticks and glosses are not left unmarred.

My thoughts are now veering towards the good old lip stain. Uncharted territory for me thus far, but one I am increasingly willing to explore. In the past I would have avoided these like the plague, given the limited colour choice at the time and the fact that my lips are like the Sahara at the best of times. However, the idea that I could apply one product at the beginning of the day/evening and then just go over with lip balm to maintain the look is tempting and many companies such as Stila, Revlon, Benefit etc. now have several options shade-wise. Now to find the one with the perfect colour and let the experimentation begin.

Any suggestions?

22 April 2012

Uriage Fluid Extreme Cream

It might seem a tad early to be thinking about SPF and sun protection, but I can honestly say this is something I use 365 days a year. Somehow, the risk associated with sun damage just doesn't seem worth it and so, it is has become an essential part of my daily routine.

My requirements for SPF for the face are firstly that it is minimum 30+ in winter and 50+ from spring to autumn and secondly that it suits my sensitive combination skin. Lastly, it has to sit well under makeup. Uriage Fluid Extreme Cream seems to tick all those boxes. The texture is gorgeous, it feels like a moisturiser when applied and doesn't sit in an oil slick on my face. Foundation lasts well and doesn't look too shiny and a little seems to go a long way, although I am careful to apply a sufficient amount in order to not reduce the protection provided.

This hasn't irritated my skin at all and there haven't been any breakouts.

Overall, I would definitely repurchase this.

08 April 2012

HG 2000 Calorie is true holy grail

As the title says, Max Factor's 2000 calorie dramatic volume mascara in black/brown truly is my current HG mascara. It gives my lashes the perfect dramatic look with lots of volume, fanned out fluttery lashes. Even today, I thought I might have gone a nit OTT with the shadow, but a couple of swipes of 2000 calorie upped the lashes and suddenly the shadow looked good. This is the first time I have ever wanted to buy the same mascara not just twice in a row, but third time round.

Here lies the problem... I cannot find this baby anywhere in Portugal at the moment and my usual internet site seller www.cheapsmells.com doesn't seem to have it in stock any more and they don't know when they will. Now, I could buy it from ebay, but with something as bacteria and all that bad stuff prone as mascara and the fact that it doesn't come sealed from most sellers, I am hesitant.

So, after all this, it seems that Max Factor 2000 calorie living up to the title Holy Grail more than ever. Hopefully, the search won't be quite as long;D

03 April 2012

Once, Twice, Three Times an Acne Free Lady

Last year my skin was possibly at the worst it has been in my entire life. Having gone through the usual spotty teens followed by a relatively good run in my twenties, I was faced with skin in my early thirties that seemed to have multiple personalities. It was simultaneously sensitive, rosacea prone, combination, acne prone and showing the first signs of aging, while also needing constant protection from the sun. I swear there is no product out there that looks after all these issues. So, a long process of readjusting my daily routine ensued and I (knocking on wood as we speak) appear to have cracked it for now. 

Now, let me just explain that while my skin was never perfect, it really did get so bad last year that I was getting embarrassed. Off to the Pharmacy I went and consulted the white coated assistant. I was advised to cut back my routine to only include products for sensitive skin and use SPF 50. This I did, but saw little or no improvement. However, I chose to continue to use the sensitive products like Bioderma H20 and Avene gentle cleanser while I looked for a remedy. 

It was on another trip to the pharmacy that I spied this baby, Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care and I haven't looked back since. 
This product is a hydrating lotion designed for daily use and should be used all over the face except for the eye area. It uses a combination of salicylic acid, LHA and glycolic acid to unclog pores, mattify and kill acne. 

 I started using it twice a day, while also using SPF on top during the day. After seeing a vast improvement I cut it back to just night time to see if my combo skin could stay clear without drying out. Guess what, months later and it's still working. In fact I have already repurchased and am slowly working my way through my second bottle. My skin continues to get better and better and occasionally, when I feel something brewing under the surface, I apply this that night and the next day that blemish has either vanished or is significantly deflated. 

The key here for me at least, is to adjust according to what my skin needs. There are days when I use a normal moisturiser on my cheeks and this on my T-zone only. There may be days when I don't use this at all, but I use this at least every second day in one way or the other and it has changed my skin beyond all recognition. 

Thank you Vichy for designing an anti acne product that we sensitive skinned girls can actually use:D

Wedding Outfit Options

With a wedding coming up in July (not mine;p), I am faced with having  to shop for those less practical of items, the wedding guest ensemble. So, already I am looking online and trying to get ideas together for something I can wear again, but look fabulous in (dahling). I don't want to totally break the bank, lest a glass of red land in my lap halfway through the night, and it's going to be hot, so something that doesn't cause me to melt completely is required. At 30ish I don't want to look like my Granny, nor do I want to look like I'm trying to relive my days on the playground. Not a tall order at all, or is it? We shall see. All suggestions are welcome. Below are some ideas I have had thus far. Wedding Outfit Options

Fitted dress
£189 - johnlewis.com

Short dress
£145 - coast-stores.com

Satin wrap dress
£140 - coast-stores.com

Red shoes
$69 - bqueenshoes.com


Anya Hindmarch clutch handbag
$525 - mytheresa.com

Lulu Guinness clutch handbag
$495 - luluguinness.com

Maison Martin Margiela cuff jewelry
$550 - net-a-porter.com

1928 letter jewelry
$24 - 1928.com

VIcenza tahitian pearl jewelry
£12 - debenhams.com

25 March 2012

MAC Face & Body Pales in Portugal

Recently the weather has been gorgeous here in Portugal and spring clothes have been slowly, but surely making a reappearance. With this comes the dreaded skirt. Legs have to be perfectly defuzzed, my Venus makes short work of that. Pedicures have to be done and exfoliation takes on a whole new standard. Normally, I wouldn't even question the whole faux/fake/tango tan ritual, but this year I am starting to question this as the only option.

This may have come about for a combination of reasons. Firstly, there has been a bevy of pale beauties on the red carpet, Rooney Mara for one, wasn't she gorgeous? Then, there are always streaks or patches, no matter how well you blend. Lastly, with a full-time job, a part-time job and a dissertation to write, how much time do I want to spend stinking like a digestive biscuit and hanging around the house looking like a mud wrestler? I'm not sure is the answer.
Sourced from 

Now, to explain why a helping hand is needed, I must explain a little further. I can live with white arms, but the legs are inhuman. Most of me is paler than pale, but my legs are a shade of greyish purple befitting marine life, fetching in a pastel polish or a taupe shadow perhaps, but on limbs, less so. Then there is also the matter of the spider veins. If you remember models/ diagrams in biology class showing the vascular system, then you have some idea of what my translucent skin allows to shine through. Donated to science, my body would make an excellent educational model, but for now I have other plans for it.

So, I went online as always and started researching. Mac Face & Body seemed to be my answer.  Available in several shades resembling living skin and good value for money due to the enormous size of the bottle. Water based, water proof, transfer proof. Touted to help camouflage imperfections and easy to blend quickly. Perfect! Ney, there was a fly soon to be found in the ointment. Apparently, according to MAC, Portuguese beauties are not in need of body makeup and therefore are undeserving of such a product. Now, while I can testify to the disproportionately high number of women here with bronzed, sickeningly perfect skin, I am sure there is a market amongst my paler skinned sisters.

So, I am left with the option of going back to the drawing board or ordering blind online. What to do, what to do? The perils of being pale in the land of the bronzed;p

17 March 2012

St Paddy's Day in Portugal

Since it's not a holiday in Portugal most people would think I was a bit mad if I were to don a full-on St Paddy's day get-up complete with 'Kiss me I'm Irish' t-shirt and oversized green hat. Therefore, I have settled on my shamrock socks, which are a little more work appropriate.

Since I last blogged, a lot has happened, personal issues, study issues, you name it. I have moved house three times within 6 months, complete moves with furniture, which was exhausting. Have you ever had a period in your life when everything, just every single thing turns to ash? Well, although that may seem a bit extreme, that was how it felt, so to say I was feeling less than inspired is an understatement.

Hopefully, all, if not most of that is behind me now and I can move on with my life, cue Kelly Clarkson's hit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xn676-fLq7I&ob=av2n. Since I last blogged, I have been winning the battle with cystic acne (knock on wood) and have changed up my routine a tad. I've also found the most amazing product for dandruff/ psoriasis of the scalp. It is AMAZING. I'll be giving details over the coming posts.

I've been invited to a wedding in the summer and so, dresses, hair and tan are on the list. I need inspiration. Perhaps I'll forgo the tan and revel in my paleness with something in a shocking red colour for a dramatic contrast. Provided it's the dress that's red and not me of course, so sun protection will be as ever on my list of essentials.

Any suggestions for a website that does suitable dresses for weddings at a decent price and delivery to Portugal would be greatly appreciated. It's been a while since I have been to one and wouldn't you know it, they were all winter weddings, so I have nothing for 30+ degrees in Portugal in July type wedding attire. The other puzzle is going to be figuring out a way around high protection and flash back. Do I risk a lower factor or do I look like a more ghostlike version of myself than usual? Is that even possible considering I am already NC15 in MAC?

Any suggestions would gladly be taken on board.

Anyway, can I just say for now, Thank you for your patience and my apologies for the long absence. Happy St Paddy's day wherever you are La Fheile Padraig:D

05 February 2012


I must apologise for the lack of blog posts of late. Since Christmas, I have possibly had the worst few weeks in memory. Just everything seems to have been going wrong. I won't go into too many details. Moving house for the second time in 6 months (not a choice) and the fact that my laptop is out of action and has been in the repair shop for some weeks now are just 2 of the many issues I have been tackling. Needless to say, as soon as situations allow, I shall be working furiously to get life back on track, including some new posts.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience.

30 December 2011

My Favourite Products from 2011

The following are items that found regular use and love in my routine, some were used prior, others were discovered (by me at least) in 2011. I wholeheartedly recommend trying them in 2012. 
NYX Cream Blush in Natural

1. Foundation:
MAC Pro-Longwear - This foundation has been my savior. For some reason, although I haven't got the oiliest skin in the world (it's combo), foundations don't last the longest time on this visage. Pro-Longwear is possibly the longest lasting foundation I have tried to date. It covers imperfections better than most and has a pretty impressive selection of shades. I've had the bottle since early September and it's only half way through with daily use, so pretty good value. 

2. Primer/ Treatment:
Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is still performing like no other. I wouldn't use this every day, it's a treat as a mask or a work horse as a primer for special occasions. Love this stuff. Anything that makes my makeup last, makes skin more radiant and feels luxurious is a great product in my book. 

3. Sleek Makeup i-divine palette:
An excellent array of colours that I seem to reach for just about every day, if not for a base colour, then for a crease colour. 

4. NYX Cream Blush in Natural:
This was the first cream blush I ever tried and has left me wanting more. It's a gorgeous shade for paler complexions, a beautiful peachy pink shade. Buildable, this is great for day or night, personally I prefer a more subtle finish. 

5. Bobby Brown Matte Bronzer in Medium:
Medium? I know! However, the makeup artist who recommended this shade to me with my NC15 complexion, was totally right and now I use this every single day. This my friends is what makes the difference when you have skin as pale as mine and want to wear the right shade of base without looking completely ill. 

6. Pureology Essential Repair Shampoo:
Sulphate free, this actually produces an indulgent lather and actually feels good for my hair. It feels moisturizing on the scalp as well and is supposed to reduce colour fading. I look forward to getting sudsy with this stuff and would love to try the other products in their range. 

7. Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil:
Essential in winter and supposedly great for those with problematic skin. This is also reputed to be beneficial for hair and nails. Try it! If you hated the taste if this stuff when you were a child, go for the capsules instead. 

8. Matrix Total Results Amplify Conditioner:
My hair was starting to look limp and lifeless and I thought it could be from using products that were just too heavy for my baby fine hair. Well, I was right and this conditioner is great, it adds moisture where needed, but doesn't weigh my hair down. Such a difference that I have already ordered a shampoo from Matrix to further add to my hair's current happy state;D

9. Vichy Normaderm Triple Action Anti-acne Hydrating Lotion:
If, like me, you have non-teen-aged skin that suffers from acne, this could be a solution. Typical products aimed at the younger market are far too drying for my sensitive, 30 something skin. This fights breakouts, while moisturizing. Great stuff!

10. Bio Derma H20 Micellar Solution:
This is an amazing product. Great for removing eye makeup and normal makeup. I like to use this first to remove eye makeup, then I use a creamy cleanser to remove the majority of my long-wear foundation and then Bio Derma again to take the rest off. In the mornings, this is all I need. 

11. Dove Beauty Bar:
This year, as an experiment, I decided to abandon the use of shower gels in a bid to lessen the problem of overly dry skin. I have to say, I am so glad I did. I use this in the shower with a shower puff and scrub. I still moisturize most days, but now, if I don't have the time, I'm not severely uncomfortable like I was before. Such relief. I even use this instead of shaving cream/gel. It's great value and honestly my skin has never felt so good.

12. Olive Oil: 
I still swear by this. Massage on scalp and leave for as long as possible before washing out for a great treatment that leaves you with soft hair and a clear scalp. Mix with sea salt for a body scrub that leaves your skin seriously well moisturized. I've heard of people using this for dry skin on the face and also as an eye makeup remover in a pinch, but I haven't tried these uses. 

29 December 2011

Busy as a Bee in Preparations for NYE

It's official, I've gone mad. Well, that's what my faithful mut Micki is thinking as she stares at her mistress in puzzlement. I'm sitting here, in front of the laptop, with honey smeared all over my face. Now, I am hoping my boyfriend doesn't arrive before I've had the chance to wash it off, but considering I answered the door to a salesman the other night with a face covered in nappy rash cream, I think I'd be unphased.

Image sourced from photo-dictionary.com

Why am I doing this? Well, I have read so many reports that honey traps moisture into the skin, while killing bacteria. As someone in her early 30s, who has been getting more spots lately than she ever did as a teen, I am on board. Anything that could possibly kill off the blemishes while simultaneously adding moisture to my skin, has to be worth a try.

So, sparkly top... check, hair freshly highlighted and trimmed... check, clear and radiant skin for New Year's Eve... I'll let you know in a few days;D

23 December 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

Well, it's almost here and while Christmas means different things to different people, to me it's all about enjoying the simple things with those nearest and dearest. More often than not we can't be with all of those that mean the most, but inevitably we think fondly of them. The phone and Skype calls will be numerous this year, as they have been previously. Last year, I actually opened my presents online during a Skype call with my parents, it was the only way they could be sure I wouldn't open it early, haha!

This year, I have been unusually restrained and the package went into the bottomless pit that is my wardrobe, not to be seen again until tomorrow evening. Yes, unlike in Ireland, where traditionally we only open the presents on Christmas morning, here in Portugal, tradition dictates the grand unveiling on Christmas eve. The Skype calls will probably end up being on both days though. I'll be blogging again after the festivities are over, but before the New Year. Something tells me I might be suffering writer's block after copious amounts of traditional Portuguese food. Forget turkey, here it's all about the salted, dried codfish, followed by desserts such as a type of sweet vanilla pasta, what translates as 'burnt cream' or cinnamon french toast with port wine. Yummy!

Yes indeed, I don't envisage myself being too energetic after all that.

I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas.

15 December 2011

Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Image sourced from clipartclipart.com

Shopping for pressies can, at times, seem like the nightmare before Christmas. Stressed out shoppers, long lists and longer queues can sometimes take the joy out of what should really be a time for family and loved ones.

So, I say avoid it. Shop from home at your leisure if you can. From the safety of my living room I can take my time and really put some thought into it, with a glass of mulled wine to add to the Christmas cheer. An added bonus is the extra time I get to spend with my loved ones here.

I live in Portugal, but most of my family live in Ireland, so any of those companies that only deliver to one or the other are simply out of the equation.Over the years I have found I keep returning to the same websites and they have never failed me. ASOS is great for winter woollies and accessories. Feelunique has great deals on beauty items and gift sets. They both deliver for free and have always delivered on time. Amazon comes in handy for a stocking filler or two (watch out for supersaver delivery) and Lookfantastic seems to be doing free delivery now. For something shiny, try John Creed.

Some companies that appear to have extended the destination list of late are Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, John Lewis, Miss Selfridge and even Marks and Spencers. I'm spoilt for choice.

An added bonus is that most of these sites have great online sales in January as well, hurrah! I just wish Boots would start delivering abroad and then I'd be all set. Are you listening, Boots?

26 November 2011

Sigma - Travel Brush Kit Revisited

As some of you may recall, I was lucky enough to have a Sigma Travel Kit come into my life courtesy of Kat at Click&Makeup. Since then, I have been using this kit like there's no tomorrow. I took it with me to Ireland for a week, where I used it exclusively, except for my F80, for a week. There was a comic moment when we went through the airport security on the way back and my bag was put through the scanner a few times. Spying the concerned look on the security staff's faces, I realised my lovely kit looked like something potentially less lovely and more threatening on-screen, LOL.

Anyway, since then I have hardly used my generic brand full sized kit at all. The travel kit has almost everything I need on a daily basis for my standard face for work. Unlike many other travel kits out there, these brushes do not feel cheap and disposable. There's no feeling of 'roughing it' at all.

Here is a more detailed blow by blow of how each of my babies has fared.

Large Powder F30 – This is a dense, round topped brush with natural bristles for applying powder products. This was the brush I thought I was going to love most and as much as I did, there is one major problem. Unlike most of my other Sigma brushes, this one sheds...a lot. It has from the first day and regular washing has only worsened the problem. Such a shame, as I love the size, feel and application, but look like a bearded lady after use.

Large Angled Contour F40 – an angled brush with natural bristles for contouring I'm not one for regular contouring, but have been using this instead of the F30 of late, to apply bronzers. It's been doing a good job of that with no stray hairs. However, where this brush shines is in the application of powdered highlighters.

Foundation F60 – for liquid or cream foundations and applying moisturisers or concealing larger areas. This brush is lovely and soft and much gentler on the skin than many of the same type of brush out there. Personally I prefer to buff my foundation in, but this is a great brush for detail, blending under the eyes and precision work. Love it.

Pencil E30 – natural bristles for crease work and more precise application. This brush has been through the wars and looks as good today as it did when I unpacked it. The shape has held up beautifully.

Tapered blending E40 – natural bristles, rounded and tapered for blending . This is a real work horse and although the shape is a little less tapered now, it still does a good job of blending.

Eye Shading E55 – natural bristles, soft and densely packed. For applying colour all over the lid.
This beauty gets daily use. Great for applying a base colour before more detailed work, like any staple, this never lets me down.

Concealer F70 – this is tapered, round and flat and is particularly recommended for the under eye area. Honestly, I have to admit, I tried it as a concealer brush, but have come to the conclusion that I prefer it for shadows and a lovely job it makes of them too.

The brush that came as a free gift was an F50 Duo Fibre. Having tried my first cream blush (NYC Natural) I have come to the conclusion that cream blush would be much tougher to master without this brush on hand. Perfect application every time.

In conclusion, if you’re unsure about paying for a full kit or it’s something you haven’t got the price of now, this is well worth the money as a starter. It’s a great way to cover all the basics and get a feel for Sigma’s brushes in general. As a gift, this would definitely be a winner. If you have a full kit already, this is still a handy get-away kit to have. It’s one of the few that didn’t leave me wishing I had packed more.

06 November 2011

Handbag Envy

Strange as it may seem, I have never lusted after Burberry nor have I suffered from the green eyed monster for many other designer brands. I love a leather bag that feels like it's good quality, but I don't like over the top branding and logos ( they should be paying me for the advertising) and I'm quite hard to please. It has to be eye catching without being obnoxious, I don't like patent leather in general and it has to go with more than one outfit. My bag needs to carry everything other than the kitchen sink, but cannot look too bulky. A tall order perhaps? One final thing, it cannot cost me an obscene amount of money.

Cavalinho is a Portuguese brand that always seems to have something that ticks the right boxes for me. The prices range from somewhere in the 30 something range to a couple of hundred Euros, so plenty of scope there. The thing I love about these bags is that they feel like they're great quality. They stand up against a serious amount of abuse in my case. I'm not precious with my bags, while I want them to look good, they are a functional item and should take some beating. I also love that I can support a smaller company than the designer brands and when I travel to the UK or Ireland, not every other girl has a bag like mine. Mind you, they still cast admiring glances in my bag's direction ( I caught you girlies).

There's something about the colour ranges and shapes as well, there's always something that speaks to me. I'm still suffering from an encounter with the other day. I fell in complete and utter love, but this close to Christmas, I cannot start buying myself little pressies like that. You can see the offending items in the above images. Even now I feel my pulse starting to race. So, consider these babies firmly and safely on my Xmas and every other time of the year wish-list.

Check these out at www.cavalinhostore.com The website is available in English as well as in Portuguese. While there is a charge for delivery, I think it still works out to be very good value.

Disclaimer: Cavalinho and their representatives have no idea I exist and I have fallen in love with their products all by myself. Cavalinho handbags currently in my possession were purchased by me with my hard earned cash.

25 September 2011

When a HG is no longer a HG

You know the story I'm sure. You'd finally found your HG foundation, swearing to be faithful for ever more. Until one day, you strayed.

My HG, until recently was Make Up Forever's HD foundation in 115, it was easy to apply, the colour match seemed spot on and life was good. Until summer weather rendered my HG a dud. It happened like this, the weather got warmer and as it did, my HD HG started to float on the surface of my skin. No matter how well I applied it, working it into the skin and spritzing like a mad woman, nothing could bring it back from the brink. The final straw was when my sister (how honest they are;D) commented on it saying "isn't it time you bought a new foundation? That one doesn't do much for you". The horror... Suddenly HD MUFE was a HG no more.

So, a visit to the MAC counter the following weekend was scheduled. On the appointed day I, along with my sister for constructive criticism and my boyfriend for support approached the counter rather gingerly. At this point, I should point out that for years, MAC and their assistants have put me off a little. It was a combination of the mad eyeshadow combos their staff wore and the mind boggling array of colour options. If I could see what I wanted, it was fine, but if I had to ask, I wouldn’t.

The moment arrived and I was approached by a friendly assistant, who patiently listened to my requirements. I listed my needs, saying:

'I have combo-sensitive skin, prone to occasional breakouts. I need a match colour wise and something that stays put once on, medium coverage/ buildable.'

That done, she brought me over to their 'Pro-Long wear' range. This is where it kind of got confusing. I had calculated, that based on the fact that my sister has pretty much the same undertones as myself, but is 1 shade darker and given that from my understanding of their system, if you're cool you need a NW and if you're warm you need an NC, as they say they work with the colour spectrum or something like that. I was expecting that I would be matched to a NW15. However, 'Pro-Long wear' has no NW15, just NC15.

At this point I was worried, but the girl sat me down and assured me that I would see it as a MUA was about to apply it for me. This, I have had done before, but in the past they would remove some of your makeup and then apply the foundation in a patch. This time, they took it all of (bar the eyes) and slapped on the foundation very casually. Now, I was expected to make a decision, in the middle of the shop and under the yellow lights they always seem to have. I turned to sis and boyfriend for an honest opinion, they thought I looked, well... pale!

Oh dear, what to do? I asked the MUA about the NC and NW 20 and was told, 'no, not for you, it would be too dark and would only make you look older' (not one I have heard before, but guess now that I'm in the early 30s, just, I'll have to get used to it). When I voiced the concern about being pale, they whipped out a bronzer. Now I was faced with a dilemma, so I did what anyone should do under the circumstances and said I would need to think about it.

Did I leave and live with the foundation for a whole day? Not on your Nelly, couldn't do that, I was in shopping mode MUST BUY MAKEUP! Anyway, to make what is already a long story shorter, I have been living with my 'pro-Long wear' for almost 2 weeks now, in addition to a Bobbi Brown bronzer (there's an equally long story there). Reviews shall follow; I’ve been suffering from a breakout, so it wouldn’t be fair, though I will certainly be able to comment on the foundation’s ability to cover blemishes, which is infinitely better than MUFE HD’s. Point 1 to MAC.

It's been too long

Ladies, I must apologise for my long absence. It's been a particularly stressful month, with a return to work, dissertation proposal done and submitted, sister moving country to live with me, moving house and so on.

Thank you for your patience, it’s appreciated.

28 August 2011

What was I thinking?

Visiting home always seems to result in a trip down memory lane, which would not be complete without a look through the umpteen photo albums buried in the cupboards. Inevitably, the looks sported so many years ago were often ill conceived or just plain wrong.

Examples would include the early foundation days, when for some reason I though Mum’s old tube of Revlon or Max Factor was just the right colour and would serve my purposes well. Yes, I trotted off happily to school with a face like a demented Oompa Lumpa, convinced that a face full of caked on mismatched foundation has just rendered me gorgeous in the eyes of the world. How wrong I was! Thankfully I have since discovered the art of blending and colour matching.

Over the following years the foundation became less offensive, but I was soon to begin experimenting with coloured eye shadows. I should begin by explaining that I am very pale and blue eyed, which means browns and taupes are my friends. Not the 3 shades of blue I sported simultaneously at 18 years old, complete with ... wait for it... silver liquid eyeliner. Oh, the shame! I must have looked like a lost backing singer for ABBA.

This was soon followed with bright purple Bourjois eye shadow, which I discovered to my delight, could be used wet to make it more intense. OMG, the memories of how pleased I was with my new venture into the double shiner look. Lovely!

Naturally, like many ladies of a similar age to myself, I went through the pink lipstick and liner two million shades darker. How ridiculous was that? I loved it, complete with foundation that was packed on so heavily to hide my freckles, I once went through a cream foundation compact in 2 weeks. I thought I was Pamela Anderson at the time, albeit a much less endowed version. I was mistaken.

I cringe now when I recall the disaster that was my first oil free foundation, by NO7. It wasn’t the colour and I had finally learned less is more; it was the rain and a makeup malfunction. I applied makeup and set off down the road for a night out. On the way I got caught in the rain, a pretty heavy downpour as I recall. When I arrived, I noticed there were some funny looks, so I headed into the ladies room to check how much I looked like a drowned rat. To my horror, I discovered I had a stripy face where the rain has washed off my base in streaks and the mascara had run down to replace it. I looked like a vertically striped tiger. No wonder there were looks.

So, ladies... fess up... what have been your make up disasters. I can’t be the only one here. Confession is good for the soul and all that :D

21 August 2011

Blog Hop

As a relative newcomer to blogging, I'm always on the look out for new ideas for connecting with other more experienced bloggers. The most recent concept I've heard of is the Blog Hop, basically from my understanding it's like a link of blogs. I've been having a look at some of the other blogs on this blog hop and like what I see. Check them out!