23 September 2010

Barbaria snail gel

Common variety snailImage via WikipediaSo, having seen the info-mercials and hearing the hype, I am now the proud owner of a brand new tub of snail cream. This product claims to be a cure all for acne, acne scars and discolouration as well as generally good for maintaining wrinkle free skin. As a 30 year old, not yet wrinkled smoker and hoping to stay that way, this sounds too good to be true. My skin is combination, sensitive and prone to the occasional hormonal breakout, which range from the mild to the horribly disfiguring and painful cystic variety. I have tried everything from cheap over the counter creams to the more high end products and have not found my Holy Grail of products. As the Autumn weather comes in I have switched from full blown sun block (Elizabeth Arden 8hour SPF50) to Olay's moisturiser with SPF15. I plan to continue using the latter during the day with the snail cream as at night, as well as a once weekly Clarins Flash Balm mask. Having for once done the recommended patch test with this Barbaria snail gel, I decided to give it a try.
Skip to one week later. Honestly, I think my skin is actually better. The blemishes I already had cleared up more quickly than normal and low and behold... no new breakouts. Could this be the miracle cream I was hoping to find? I don't know if I can go that far, I mean there's no way to tell if it's prevented any wrinkles appearing in a week, is there? However, I think there has definitely been an improvement in the general appearance. As already mentioned the blemishes have been reduced and I don't seem to have any dry patches, which I am prone to on strange places such as the bottom of my nose, a hideous sight to behold. So far, so good. With the colder weather coming in, this product will certainly be put through a grueling test, let's see if it's a keeper.
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  1. how did the cream work out>?would you recommend it?thanks!

  2. I really liked it. I'd recommend it for combo or oily skin, but for dry skin, something richer might be needed. The feel is a bit different from traditional creams, it's more like a gel. Certainly worth a try and it's inexpensive:-D I would not use this for day though, only as a night cream.