04 August 2011

Bioderma - Sensibio Light Soothing cream for sensitive intolerant skin

As much as I love my makeup, seriously feeling better, more confident and like I can handle whatever the world might throw at me while wearing it, I adore taking it off at the end of the day. Nothing beats getting home to my little pooch (Micki), changing into comfy clothes and taking off the day. It imparts a feeling of instant relaxation; yes... the day is finally over.

In my makeup removal routine, I look for gentle products that leave the skin feeling healthy and nourished. Now, most have heard of Bioderma's cult favourite H2O Micellar water for makeup removal, but fewer have heard of their moisturiser. I love Sensibio Light, it leaves my skin feeling soft to the touch without being overloaded. I suffer from simultaneously sensitive and breakout prone skin. Sensibio doesn't clog my pores, doesn't make my face bright red and tomato-like and appears to give my skin, just the right amount of hydration for summer. No flakes, no shiny face. Perfect!

For winter, Sensibio also have a rich version available, so depending on how dry your skin is, you can tailor your routine as required. Although this product doesn't contain SPF, I've found it works well mixed with SPF or applied underneath, if you really require both products. More often than not, I'll apply just the SPF in the mornings and Sensibio in the evenings. It depends on how my skin feels that day. I also find that this is a great base for under foundation and because of the lack of SPF, this won't give a ghostly caste if you’re photographed on a night out.

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