05 February 2011

Remington Style Professional Pearl Wand

Curls, curls and more curls, that's all I seem to be seeing recently. Long, luscious, healthy looking manes of bouncy, volume filled hair. That's just not the way I roll. Well, given half a chance I would, really I would. I am the not so proud owner of boring, not straight, not curly, fine Irish hair (yes, naturally a bit ginger). It's neither one thing nor the other, just blah really.

To make things worse, I live in Portugal. The ladies here have genes, which dictate they will have strong thick hair for life. Yes, I look at the old ladies in the hairdressers here with envy, I admit it. Amazingly, no amount of abuse seems to make their hair look anything less than positively, sickingly, bouncy. I mean I spend a fortune on products and painstakingly condition and apply masks.

Bloody genes, as if the sunburn wasn't enough. Well, much like the tan, I'm going to fake the hair as well, or at least try. I've been hearing good things about these curling wands and have decided I deserve a treat after slaving away on assignments for the past few months. So, expect a review once this baby arrives. It'll be a review for those, who like myself, have never tried a heated curling tong of any kind. Don't even get me started on rollers, torture contraptions that result in fuzzy weird hair in my experience.

Anyway, my heated weapon of choice for this one will be the Remington Style Professional Pearl Wand, watch this space. Perhaps I'll even risk a picture, if I'm feeling brave;-)

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