25 March 2012

MAC Face & Body Pales in Portugal

Recently the weather has been gorgeous here in Portugal and spring clothes have been slowly, but surely making a reappearance. With this comes the dreaded skirt. Legs have to be perfectly defuzzed, my Venus makes short work of that. Pedicures have to be done and exfoliation takes on a whole new standard. Normally, I wouldn't even question the whole faux/fake/tango tan ritual, but this year I am starting to question this as the only option.

This may have come about for a combination of reasons. Firstly, there has been a bevy of pale beauties on the red carpet, Rooney Mara for one, wasn't she gorgeous? Then, there are always streaks or patches, no matter how well you blend. Lastly, with a full-time job, a part-time job and a dissertation to write, how much time do I want to spend stinking like a digestive biscuit and hanging around the house looking like a mud wrestler? I'm not sure is the answer.
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Now, to explain why a helping hand is needed, I must explain a little further. I can live with white arms, but the legs are inhuman. Most of me is paler than pale, but my legs are a shade of greyish purple befitting marine life, fetching in a pastel polish or a taupe shadow perhaps, but on limbs, less so. Then there is also the matter of the spider veins. If you remember models/ diagrams in biology class showing the vascular system, then you have some idea of what my translucent skin allows to shine through. Donated to science, my body would make an excellent educational model, but for now I have other plans for it.

So, I went online as always and started researching. Mac Face & Body seemed to be my answer.  Available in several shades resembling living skin and good value for money due to the enormous size of the bottle. Water based, water proof, transfer proof. Touted to help camouflage imperfections and easy to blend quickly. Perfect! Ney, there was a fly soon to be found in the ointment. Apparently, according to MAC, Portuguese beauties are not in need of body makeup and therefore are undeserving of such a product. Now, while I can testify to the disproportionately high number of women here with bronzed, sickeningly perfect skin, I am sure there is a market amongst my paler skinned sisters.

So, I am left with the option of going back to the drawing board or ordering blind online. What to do, what to do? The perils of being pale in the land of the bronzed;p


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