19 January 2011

Sleek Storm Palette

I know I'm a bit late on the band wagon, but such is the world of beauty. Recently, I came upon so many good reviews for Sleek eyeshadow palettes, so just had to try one. Since I like my browns and smokey eyes, I chose the Storm i-Divine Palette. With a mixture of shimmers and mattes the colours looked like they were right up my street. These are pretty well priced on Sleek's website at €8.50. Including postage to Portugal it totalled at about €15. Bargain. 

My goodies arrived this morning. First impressions were that size wise the palette is not enormous, but it's very heavy. I think the pans may be quite deep. After a quick swatch on my snow white arm, the colours seem pretty pigmented. These were swatched dry without primer using just the sponge applicator included. All are shimmer except for the third from the left in the top row and the two first colours from the right on the bottom row. To be honest, I think I prefer the shimmers, but the matte black could be useful for smoking out other colours in my humble collection. The browns are your usual versatile mid tone browns, not terribly exciting  know, but very practical for every day use. Surprisingly, it's the 2 colours in the middle on the bottom row that have me all excited. One is so hard to descibe, in the palette it appears to have green tones, but on my skin it's more of a dark grey, but without the dreaded blue undertones. The one on the right is a very smokey greyish/ purple and is absolutely gorgeous. 

I predict I'm going to have some serious fun with this little beauty. This may even entice me to venture away from my oh so safe usual brown smokey eyes on occasion. It's so easy to get stuck in a rut when you have limited time to get ready in the mornings and know a look suits and takes just a couple of minutes to apply. 

Would I buy this again? Well, I think so, only time will tell. If I use it frequently then yes. Would I buy another palette from Sleek? Definitely! At this price and with quick delivery, I think  they may become one of my go tos when I need to incorporate something different into my routine.


  1. nice blog.......Isubscribe....you subscribe to my blog.....tks...kiss


  2. Hi Valentina, Thanks for checking it out. Love that yours is bilingual by the way:-D

  3. Beautiful Palette.Great choice!

  4. I'm loving the colours on the palette, quite sultry.. i'm a big fan of the smokey look, would have to say i'd consider getting one of these sooner rather than later

  5. I'm thoroughly enjoying the pink and brown (second from the right) as a combo at the moment. An all over wash of the pink, with the matte brown in the crease and outer corner. It looks effortlessly glam and work appropriate.