23 January 2011

TIGI Health Factor Sulfate Free Shampoo

I've recently added to my sulfate free shampoo collection, well now I have two, not quite a collection yet. I'm still going strong with the TIGI Superstar sulfate free, but as ever I like to try out new products. In addition, I always like to rotate my hair products. I think I read somewhere once that it was a good idea because otherwise hair was prone to build up or something like that.

Anyway, I chose to try out the 250ml bottle of Health factor for £11.75, even though Feel Unique had a great deal on the duo pack of shampoo and conditioner, which was incredibly large at 750ml and £29.99. I've been burned in the past, when I forked out for the larger, better value size only to discover I hated the product. 

Health Factor is made with Nettle, Yucca, White Ginger, Horsetail and Rosemary, which are supposed to promote a healthy scalp and subsequently healthy hair. The scent reminds me of a citrus sorbet combined with freshly cut grass, which is extremely pleasant in the mornings when I need to wake up and get going. Like the Superstar shampoo, this is quite a thick formula and needs to be lathered up in the hands before applying to very wet hair. I know some people avoid sulfate frees because they have a reputation for lacking in the lather department, but I have never been bothered. They lather up just fine for my tastes and the results are so much better.

Results include a healthier scalp, no flakes and healthier hair. Since I switched to sulfate frees, I have even noticed that the baby hair around my temples has started to grow. Bazaar! This very fine and weak hair seems to have had a growth spurt, which in my books tells me these products are seriously doing some good. I had read that people who were sensitive to sulfates might experience breakage, but I never expected to notice hair growth, where previously there appeared to be little to none.

Now, I know I shouldn't fool myself into thinking that I'll have thick lustrous hair in place of my fine, easily damaged locks. However, as much as my hair and I have our little disagreements, I would like to hang onto as much of it as possible. On the sulfate free thing, we both appear to agree.

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