04 January 2011

Homemade Face Masks - Going Au Naturel

kişisel resimImage via WikipediaHave you ever read the ingredients list of a face mask only to realize you have no idea what half of the ingredients are? This has happened to me more than once. Some of these products seem to be full of things that I'm not sure I want to put on my face. There are also times when your skin is a little more sensitive than normal and whatever you normally use might not be as effective.

I've tried a few home made masks only to discover the ones I like best are usually the simplest. One I like in particular is made with three basic ingredients: pink clay, rosewater, honey. I choose pink clay because it's supposed to be great for sensitive skin, rosewater because it's calming and honey because of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Mix equal parts of pink clay and rosewater together and then a spoonful of honey. A couple of slices of cucumber and some soothing music and I am set to go. It works for me every time.

I order the pink clay online from http://www.aromantic.co.uk they also have green clay for oily skin and a couple of other types with descriptions of how they should be used. Happy experimenting:-D

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