08 January 2011

The Elves are on a Go Slow After Christmas

Template elfImage via WikipediaI'm not exactly one of the most patient people around, particularly when it comes to waiting for my purchases. Generally speaking, most companies are pretty quick and usually, I deem anywhere under 2 weeks for delivery to Portugal as reasonable. I ordered a haul from E.L.F on 12th December and I am still waiting.

Now, I know I should possibly be more understanding, there was the weather thing and Christmas and everything else, but I want my package, sniff sniff. Funny thing is, I ordered products from them, for my sister, which were dispatched the same day and they arrived in Ireland on the 24th December. Alas, I am still waiting for mine.

I know this is probably unusual for them, but we're now four days away from a month. I received an email on the 17th of December advising my package had been dispatched. Where or where is it? Shall we just say, at this moment in time, I am not hugely impressed. However, if it arrives on Monday and the package I ordered on 28th December arrives in less time, I'll put it down to a one off and all will be forgiven.

A totally different experience was provided by www.figleaves.com. I ordered from them on 26th December, received notification of dispatch on 28th December and my lovely package arrived 4th January. They specialize in lovely lingerie and have been having a great sale. Loved the products, the price and the delivery time.
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