08 January 2011


I am having serious product envy. Those Sigma brush kits are taunting me, saying buy me, buy me!

I can't, not this month at least. Having tried out the flat kabuki F80 as mentioned previously, I am having what can only be described as 'brush love'. I know, it's insane, but true. I WANT, nay MUST HAVE those brushes. If only I had been born in January. If only I hadn't gone mad in the sales already. If only, if only. Isn't that just typical of January?

I shall just have to wait, like a good little blogger. Hhhhmmm! If those other things I ordered would just arrive pronto, it would take the sting out of my brush envy for a while. OMG, they send a free gift if you spend over $30... no I have to be strong....

If I last out until February, I deserve a medal.


  1. It is a must have!! A perfect brush indeed! We have to be strong, lol!

  2. Easier said than done sometimes, LOL