15 January 2011

Another Update on the ELF situation

Royal Mail red pillar boxImage by freefotouk via FlickrI received another email today in reply to the email I sent on 12th January. It states the following:

"Royal Mail advise us that that the minimum time needed to complete the full international delivery process is 25 days (27/01) and includes the time taken for items to return to the UK in the event of non-delivery abroad. If you are unable to locate your parcel and / or it has not been returned to us by the 25th working day which I am hopeful that it will, then please contact us back immediately so we may pursue the matter. Thank you for your patience."

Now, here's the maths. Item dispatched 17th December + 25 working days = 21st January. Perhaps they introduced 3 day weekends throughout the months of December and January and just plain forgot to tell me. At this point, if the items arrive, I'll review them objectively, leaving this whole delivery/customer service thing aside. However, I won't be ordering anything else from E.L.F

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