04 December 2010

Make up Brushes from Coastal Scents

Author: Vinegartom Image created using Adobe P...Image via WikipediaFrom time to time another brush bites the dust and there's an ongoing search for the best quality versus price. If you're new to buying brushes, like me you'll probably find that you just can't live without them after a while. The other thing is, when you start off at the cheap end you think the quality is fine, but as you move towards the better brushes, you start to wonder how you ever applied make up with the old scratchy brushes. However, don't be fooled into thinking that more expensive always means better quality. There are some excellent mid price products available and some usable cheaper brushes.

A suggestion for those starting out is buy a cheap to mid range basic roll and set of brushes. See which brushes you actually use daily. Then start to buy just those individually in a better quality. If there's a new brush you'd love to try like a stippling brush, try out the cheap one first. Then invest once you've experimented for a while.

Having seen several good reviews online for coastal scents brushes, I decided to give them a go and ordered the following:

Shade and shadow brush - $1.49
Black pointed crease brush - $2.95
Flat Mineral Bronzer Buffer Large - $4.69

All the Coastal Scents brushes are very reasonably priced in comparison to many other brands of similar quality. The feel of the brushes is nice and soft and they have stood some every day wear pretty well. They're used every day and washed at least once per week. The Shade and shadow brush and Black pointed crease brush are as good as the day I bought them (several months ago). The only criticism I would have, is that the paint on the buffer brush has started to break off in big chunks. The bristles are still in perfect condition and perhaps it's still usable for a while. I'm just a bit worried that water may soak into the bare wooden handle and damage it. We'll have to see what happens, but seriously, at this price I'm not too worried.

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