12 December 2010

Too Faced - Candelight

I've been on a bit of a search for the ideal highlighter. Something that isn't so glittery it makes me look like a wanna be fairy, but has the desired amount of emphasis. Not as easy to find as you might expect. I've tried creamy highlighters, which to be honest, I find are more work than I want to put into my daily make up routine. Call me demanding, but for a product to earn the right to a place in my daily war paint application, it has to be quick and easy to apply. I have no intention of carefully patting and blending, only to find patchiness under harsher light.  I spend too much time and effort on the foundation to risk ruining it with poorly applied cream highlighter on top. Another consideration is the tone of the highlighter. Too pale and it can look chalky or cheap. Generally I find those with a slight gold/peachy undertone are far more flattering on most skin tones. Loose powder varieties can be quite wasteful when half ends up on the bathroom floor.

I needed something that would fulfill all the above mentioned requirements. I think I may have found something that fits the bill. Now, this is not exactly intended to be a highlighter. It's actually sold as an all over face powder intended to give a soft focus effect. Too faced have incorporated small gold flecks to achieve this. However, I can't see myself wanting, through the careful application of cosmetics, a shiny nose and forehead. When used with a fan brush and applied liberally to cheekbones and/or a shadow brush to brow bones and inner eye, this gives just the right amount of shine to get that illusive highlight in a subtle enough way to be worn by day. Pile it on for evening. Add a little white eye pencil for more dramatic effect.

Conveniently, this comes in a pretty little compact, as one would expect from a pressed face powder, so easy touch ups can be done. So far, I'm happy with this one.


  1. Have been looking for a quality highlighter for quite a while now, i'm liking your review alot. Thinking I may have to invest in this particular product as it resembles what i require in that specific makeup product. Thanks for the tip :)

  2. Its really hard to find a non shimmery powder highlighter. I love the Becca one for that reason, this loos lovely though! I found your blog via the blog hop we are on- cool idea!

  3. I love this blog hop thing, think it's a great way to connect with other bloggers:D Must check out the Becca one when I get a chance.