03 December 2010

Tightsplease - Yes please!

Striped tightsImage via WikipediaBaby, it's cold outside! What to do, but bring on the tights. Not only do they keep you warm and snug, but these days, they can be quite the fashion statement as well.

Personally, I love a classic black dress with black knee highs and a cheeky glimpse of something special in the hosiery department to turn that somber black outfit into something a bit more daring. The only problem is patterned tights can be a bit on the expensive side. Recently I found a website www.tightsplease.co.uk that offers an impressive range of tights, lingerie, stockings etc. The tights range from lace to patterned and everything in between. Seriously, there has to be something to suit all tastes. Plus the prices are much more reasonable than in some high street shops.

So far, I have ordered and received 5 pairs. The service was swift and the p&p didn't cost an arm and a leg. I'm certainly a happy camper.
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