18 December 2010

Attack of the spot

Paper bag AnonImage via WikipediaSpots, the bane of my life. Recently, due to work, study and Christmas shopping lists, I've been under a bit more stress than usual. Low and behold, what appeared, but one of those horrible, hormonal, cystic spots/pimples. You know the type, swollen, red and oh so obvious. No amount of makeup can compete with these ugly sores. Mine usually occur on my chin, making me look like I've sprouted a second chin for anything up to a couple of weeks. Just in time for party photos, great!

I've been applying Neutrogena's 'On the spot' for four days now, initially once per day and then twice per day. It is finally starting to get less painful and hopefully will now start to fade away. One can only hope and go into hiding if possible in the meantime. 'On the spot' is the only thing I have every used that has been able to content with these massive mounds of hideousness. Perhaps it has something to do with the formula having 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide, which is higher than more brands.

For the smaller, less offensive variety I usually use something a bit gentler, but for these babies the big guns are what's needed. Fingers crossed, this thing will be gone soon and I can go outside without a paper bag over my head.
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