12 December 2010


If like me you're a showeraholic, you may have noted how like anything else we do routinely, we don't think of it as a pleasure, it's a necessity. Recently, when a friend gave me some gifts from Rituals for my Birthday, that changed. Shower gel, it's functional. I try to find something non drying. Perhaps at most I can hope for a nice scent. That's about it, right? Wrong!

In my little Birthday package was Zensation shower gel from Rituals and it really surprised me. It's a pressurized container, which was novel, but the scent was utterly fabulous, relaxing and the texture of the gel was smooth and milky. I have no doubt it was moisturizing as well. This was lovely, clean and actually reminded me how refreshing a shower could/ should be.

In the same package was Lao Tze cooling foot balm. This balm is rich and thick, but quickly absorbed and contains mint. The mint and a nice massage allows this balm to soak in quickly in order to relieve the pains associated with a day in high heels. Wonderful! The only downside is I appear to have to do this myself as my boyfriend is less than enthusiastic. 

In addition to the above, I've also received Wai Wang body cream and Sakura body scrub, I'll update on those sometime this week. In the meantime, Happy Showering:-)

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