10 November 2010

China Glaze Ruby Pumps - There's nowhere like home!

My China Glaze polishes arrived in the post yesterday. Naturally, I couldn't wait to try one out and the Ruby Pumps from the 'Wizard of Ooh Ahz' range was too tempting to wait for. I have to say, this is a gorgeous true red, glittery polish. Equally good for manicures or pedicures,pale or dark skin and it's glittery enough to be a bit special, without making nails look like they belong on the ol Christmas tree. From a distance, it looks like a high gloss colour, but up close those little glittery bits catch the light and add a little girly fun.

The quality of the polish seems, so far, to be really quite good. The application was great, 2 coats and a nice opaque coat was achieved. Naturally, this was with base coat and top coat. This is the end of day 2 and not a chip in site and believe me when I say I'm not exactly gentle on my nails -They occasionally double up as household tools.  In my opinion, these polishes were also a bit of a bargain as the size of the bottle is much bigger than with other brands, 14mls or 5 fl ozs to be exact and the consistency seems to be the type that doesn't go gloopy too quickly. If worried about this, I've heard keeping polish in the refrigerator can extend its life. Failing that, there are plenty of thinners available now
All in all, I am a very satisfied little polish addict:-)

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