05 November 2010

Blinc Kiss me

Mascara, mascara, mascara. I simply cannot live without this stuff. A while ago, suffering from bad allergies, I came upon Blinc Kiss me mascara. So what? Well, the difference with this mascara is that it is latex based and therefore, does not contain many of the ingredients that are supposed to irritate allergies, plus it's waterproof. Fantastic I thought and set about procuring some of this magic stuff. As per usual I checked out reviews, which were mixed, then ordered from the UK. When it arrived, I was fascinated at the idea of a product that seemed so different, both in composition and in how it should be removed.

I'll explain... The idea is that rather than just sitting on lashes like waxy mascaras do, this forms little tubes around the lashes. When removing, there's no need for makeup remover. You literally get warm water and apply a little pressure to the lashes and these tubes slide right off. This is supposed to minimize trauma to the area and help to prevent wrinkles in addition to eliminating those last traces that never seem to come off no matter how much you cleanse.

I have to admit, I usually have to live with a new mascara for about a week before deciding whether I like it or not. This I did, as per the normal routine, but Blinc made my lashes look shorter and sparser than ever. I really was disappointed, but given the advice I had received that this type of mascara was better for allergy sufferers, I decided to try it with the lash primer of the same brand before casting it into the reject pile.

Again, I waited, experimented and low and behold... again I was disappointed. The result was slightly better, but pretty much en par with what I would expect from the average cheap product from a supermarket. Problem was, this was NOT cheap. The mascara alone was pretty much high end price, added to the cost of the primer it worked out as the most expensive mascara I have ever tried.

I did also try the primer as an overnight lash treatment, which seemed like a good idea, but honestly I get the same results from a slick of good ol Vaseline on my lashes. To the question 'Would I buy them again?' I would have to say 'No way!'. However, that being said, if you happen to be a long, thick lashed beauty, this could be a completely different story for you. I have to admit, removal was so strangely fun.

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