16 November 2010

Winter proofing my skin

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In that delicate balance between beating the breakouts and avoiding the flakiness, cold winter temperatures and indoor heating doesn't exactly help. Right now, I seem to be winning (knock on wood), by using a combination of the following:

 Olay SPF 20
Nivea eye cream ( cheap and cheerful, but does the job)
Neutrogena lip and nose balm (particularly good for applying as soon as flakes appear)
Lactacyd (yes, you read this correctly, see below)
Rosewater toner
Snail cream

Clarins Flash balm
Neutrogena Norwegian formula for hands

In more detail:
I have combination skin, which can have horrible breakouts, the hormonal kind, on my chin. I also get very dry skin on my nose, right on the tip, in winter. In mornings, I cleanse with Lactacyd in the shower. This was a tip I got from someone, who was training as an air stewardess. Since starting to use this, there has been a real improvement in the appearance of my skin and it removes makeup thoroughly. I then use rosewater as a toner as it doesn't contain any alcohol. This is followed by the Nivea eye cream and then the Olay SPF 20 moisturizer. Yes, even in winter I leave nothing to chance.

In the evenings I remove eye makeup with whatever remover is handy and follow this with another round of Lactacyd. Again this is followed with rosewater and then lashings and lashings of my snail cream, which I have been using since I blogged about it previously.

For spots I may add an antibacterial cream or nappy rash cream. I know, I know, but in my experience, every country has its version of this. In the UK and Ireland it's Sudocream. Here in Portugal, it's Halibut (something fishy? couldn't resist, sorry!)

I find this works for me, most of the time. Obviously, there are times when I need something richer to moisturize or something like Neutrogena's On the Spot for cystic acne breakouts. Once a week, I like to use Clarins Flash balm as a face mask, it gives my skin a boost. I also like to use clay masks occasionally and find pink clay best for my sensitive skin. This can be purchased online in dry form and then mixed with water to make a paste. Personally, I prefer to mix it with rosewater, it seems to be more nourishing.

On my to do list, is to try some Liz Earle products. I have been hearing fantastic reviews about them and would love to try the Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. Perhaps I'll be lucky enough to get one in my Christmas stocking, who knows? I'll update on this when I get the chance. 
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