14 October 2010

The Body Shop - Shea Lip Butter/ When good products turn bad

The Body Shop Geschäft in DarmstadtImage via WikipediaMemories of those gorgeous deliciously flavored lip balms from years ago drew me into The Body Shop once again. I was greeted with the heavy scents of perfume oils and soaps as I entered and quickly I spotted the lip balms, still sold in their cute little tubs. However, something had changed! Upon first inspection I realized that some of the flavors I remembered were no longer part of the range, no more kiwi, so long Morello Cherry. I took my time, sniffed each pot, inspected as much as one can without actually trying the product (I do not trust testers, especially with cosmetics, bacteria). I finally settled on the Shea butter, it sounded more grown up. Not much of a scent, but I was convinced this would be compensated with added moisturizing properties.
Alas, I could not have been more wrong. In the pot this balm is off-white in color, on the lips it remains a similar color if applied generously. Not a good look. This wouldn't be such a problem if applied at night, but what should be moisturizing seems to completely dry out my lips. I am utterly disappointed, what was a fond memory and was a planned triumphant return to my beauty arsenal has now been cast off into my list of things that were once great, but no more. Why do companies do this? Why oh why do they turn a good product bad?
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