15 October 2010

Lipglosses for Kissable Lips

Glosses are ideal for a polished yet effortless day time look. For night they provide a hint of glamor that doesn't scream 'I took 2 hours to get ready', even when we did, and they don't stain everything they come in contact with. They're great for retouching without the aid of a mirror and give lips a youthful, voluptuous quality, which most lipsticks fail to deliver.

So, of all the glosses out there and there must be thousands, which are the easiest to wear? I would suggest nudes and nude pinks, you can't go wrong. They really are the most versatile and universally flattering colours. For those lovely ladies out there who were blessed with darker colouring, nude browns can be stunning.

Pots, palettes, tubes, pen style applicators and sticks, they come in all types. Personally, I find the pot variety messy, they get all over your fingers. You could use a lip brush, but why should you have to? Pen styles and sticks can also get a bit messy after a while, the nibs get ragged, the tops get worn down. Tubes are quick and easy and simple to clean with a baby wipe.

Of all the brands I have tried and I have tried many, Lancome Juicy Tubes come out on top. The colour is sheer, but it's there. Even better it stays there a reasonable length of time (some glosses mysteriously evaporate after 30 seconds) and unlike many glosses they don't dry out the lips. I have a couple of tubes, which at this stage I've probably had for 18 months, with daily multiple uses, they're still going strong. That means value for money. The colours range in family and intensity, some with little flecks of glitter and some without. However, those with glitter are discrete, therefore suitable for grown ups. I have 3 favourites:

Melon - for a very nude look, it smells delicious and has no glitter.
Cerise - for a slightly more glam gloss for day/ night, with subtle glitter.
Fraise - for a more pigmented finish, but still sheer with subtle glitter, great for night time.

All of the above are nude/pink. However, they are extremely flattering and believe me I am not usually usually a fan of pink in lipsticks or other cosmetics. These look almost like your natural lip colour, just more intense, healthier and vibrant. Moreover, they make the lips look fuller and remind me of an adult version of the flavoured lipbalms I loved when I was younger. Great!

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