23 December 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

Well, it's almost here and while Christmas means different things to different people, to me it's all about enjoying the simple things with those nearest and dearest. More often than not we can't be with all of those that mean the most, but inevitably we think fondly of them. The phone and Skype calls will be numerous this year, as they have been previously. Last year, I actually opened my presents online during a Skype call with my parents, it was the only way they could be sure I wouldn't open it early, haha!

This year, I have been unusually restrained and the package went into the bottomless pit that is my wardrobe, not to be seen again until tomorrow evening. Yes, unlike in Ireland, where traditionally we only open the presents on Christmas morning, here in Portugal, tradition dictates the grand unveiling on Christmas eve. The Skype calls will probably end up being on both days though. I'll be blogging again after the festivities are over, but before the New Year. Something tells me I might be suffering writer's block after copious amounts of traditional Portuguese food. Forget turkey, here it's all about the salted, dried codfish, followed by desserts such as a type of sweet vanilla pasta, what translates as 'burnt cream' or cinnamon french toast with port wine. Yummy!

Yes indeed, I don't envisage myself being too energetic after all that.

I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas.

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