16 July 2011

Red faced and clear skinned (Almost)

First of all, apologies for having been away for so long. It's been a hell of a month, stressful to say the least. I can't say the causes of all that stress have gone, but being a Friday and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (plus a glass of vino in hand) I'm feeling fit to blog again.

Naturally, stress = breakout and my skin was pretty bad over the past few weeks. I had a full set of hormonal cystic chin accessories, which not only refused to budge, but were determined to multiply. However, after reading another blogger's post (I would cite, but honestly cannot remember which blogger, I'm sorry... if I find it, I'll update or if it was you, please let me know and I'll happily edit) on using fruit as an at home peel/mask treatment, I decided to give it a try. Why not?

Now, I did a bit of research and apparently for sensitive skin, tomatoes are not the best fruit to use, cucumber is better, but this was an emergency. Not being a particularly big fan of veggies, tomatoes were the only thing I happened to have in the fridge and I was a desperate woman. On my face a freshly sliced wedge of tomato was rubbed. I waited about 5 minutes, it was a little stingy, but not uncomfortable. I rinsed well with warm water, cleansed and toned as normal then moisturised.

Results, well this is shocking... there was no adverse reaction; in fact there was a major improvement in my skin. No more cysts, it's heeling. I'm going to try this again this week, but although I may have gotten away with the tomato all over once, this time I'll try using cucumber as recommended. Perhaps a little tomato just on the chin area will suffice.

If you are out there the blogger who wrote about this, you are my saviour and I thank you:-D

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