27 June 2011

Stretch Marks - A girl's worst enemy

As a teen I wasn't in the habit of moisturising after each shower and inevitably with growth spurts, both upwards and outwards, stretch marks were a given. Back then it just didn't seem to be nearly as important as we know it to be now.

Roll onwards to today, yes the stretch marks remain on my upper thighs and hips. Before you ask... yes, I have done the oils, the creams and the massages, only to learn to my dismay that if stretch marks are new, this may help. However, once they turn silvery in colour, it's too late because the damage is too deep for products or massage to have the desired effect. The only improvement you'll see is to the skin itself and the healthier the skin looks, the more forgiving it is of the underlying damage.

Now armed with this knowledge I have sworn that if I am ever pregnant I shall sit for nine months in a tub of coco butter oil and massage endlessly until delivery. Later, I will pass this knowledge on to the next generation before it is too late (slightly dramatic perhaps). Don't get me wrong, I would never advocate encouraging a teen to be looks obsessed, but I think it is healthy to teach girls basic ways of looking after their skin without going over the top. Things like SPF, moisturise, 5 portions of fruit and veg and hydration of course.

In the meantime, I shall continue to use my fake tan otherwise known as camouflage. This, added to good skin maintenance is the only thing that makes stretch marks less visible, short of wearing a sarong.

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