14 June 2011

Nivea Invisible Black & White - a Sequel

It's been tried and tested by yours truly over the course of about a month and a half. When I last blogged about this product, http://fiction-skindeep.blogspot.com/2011/05/nivea-invisible-for-black-white.html, I had already been using it for a few weeks, during which I wore white blouses to work and out and about in this very scientific trial (scoff). In the interest of science I have used no other deodorant or antiperspirant products and the results are in....

My blouses have stayed white, so far. To those of you who don't suffer from excessive perspiration or don't seem to have the weird body chemistry I do, this may seem like no feat, but I can assure you, it is. Some of you out there will know the frustration of buying beautiful (expensive) white blouses, only to have to bin them a few weeks later when they develop that lovely shade of yellow in the underarm area. Well, no more! At least, that's what I am hoping. 6 weeks is not a life time, but it's certainly an extended one for my white blouses. I'll update again in a few weeks and let you know how the 'research' is going.


  1. I could definitely use this. I wear white tanks all summer long!

  2. I just love simple white tops (with a fake tan) for summer, simple and fresh.

  3. I trialled this one for 10 weeks and still didn't get any yellow marks on my white tops but unfortunately it also didn't offer me enough protection and left me a bit stinky. Sounds like this isn't a problem for you so I think you'll be very impressed with the yellow mark protection.