17 May 2011

Nivea - Invisible for Black & White

This is an embarrassing problem and one I've had to deal with since my early teens... I perspire heavily, rain or shine, active or not, there's just nothing I can do about it. Over the years I have avoided colours like grey, beige and certain pastels, knowing that they show underarm stains more quickly. I shower at least once daily in winter, twice in summer and delay my showers as much as possible before leaving for work.

I've tried all types of products and I find roll on antiperspirants/deodorants ( it has to be both, deodorants alone don't cut it) are the only way to go with a spray in my bag for top ups later in the day. I once tried crystal deodorant and didn't make it past 3 hours before getting whiffy. It went in the bin that evening.

Problem is, during the summer months, one of the colours I rely on to mask this problem is white and unfortunately, I manage to turn new white tops yellow within a few wears/washes. Just for clarification, I wear then wash, nothing is worn twice before washing. Apparently, this yellowing is due to a reaction between perspiration, antiperspirant and detergent. Obviously, this can work out to be both an embarrassing and expensive problem at this point.

I was delighted to learn recently that Nivea had produced an antiperspirant promising not to turn my whites yellow. This comes in the form of Invisible for Black & White and comes in both roll on and spray. I rushed out immediately to buy this and have been using it for the past 3 weeks. The weather has been in the mid twenties and gorgeous. To date my new white blouses have not yellowed, so yes... this is an improvement. I'll keep you updated, if I manage to get to the end of the summer with blouses that remain white and wearable, I will be officially converted.

Ladies, I have received no samples or anything else from this range. I bought the 2 roll-ons and 1 spray of this stuff in my possession myself. This review is dedicated to any ladies who suffer like myself from this problem. 

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