09 March 2011

An unsuccessful trip to the Chanel counter

Recently I decided that my foundation was a tad too dark. It wasn't too obvious when I was wearing polo necks as I could blend, blend, blend. However, with a bit of warmer, sunnier weather creeping in, something had to be done. The foundation I usually wear is Make Up Forever HD in 135 vanilla. This particular shade, according to Spehora, is intended for medium pink based complexions. I'm fair and should have been matched with something closer to 115 Ivory for light, pink based complexions. Naughty MUA.

I'm sure all you regular bloggers and readers will have seen how much Chanel's Vitalumiere and Vitalumiere Aqua have been in the limelight a lot recently. I was tempted, seriously tempted. I skipped over the Chanel counter in my favourite department store and promptly enquired regarding the shades available and the possiblility of trying some samples. Only to be informed that they would not be getting any of the lighter colours in stock (the lightest they had was BR20) and there was no way to get samples.

How silly is this? I would understand if they said that lighter shades were only available to order. I would be quite willing to do that, but without first trying a sample? No way! Now, just to clarify, it wasn't that they had no samples in lighter colours, they had no samples end of. Isn't it standard practice to have samples these days? With the number of ladies with sensitive skin out there who could have a bad reaction after forking out a heavy wad of cash, I should certainly think so. Disappointing to say the least.

Well Chanel, you lost out on the chance to have a regular customer there. Pity, I love the way this looks in their PR pictures and clips. Personally, I think companies should really rethink their strategy. Consider how much money is spent on photography, models and general PR, only for the potential customer to be on the hook and then lost. Surely samples cannot cost that much.

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