11 February 2011

Sally Hansen - No More Breaks

My nails have been weaker than normal of late, so I decided to treat them for a week or two with a nail hardener. I purchased Sally Hansen's No More Breaks on ebay, thinking it was a pretty safe bet as the polishes from this brand seem to be fairly good.

The instructions say the hardener can be used alone or as a base coat, so I applied as a base with a nude polish over the top and a top coat. Next day my polish was completely cracked on every nail and the polish was chipping. Thinking this was perhaps a reaction resulting from an unhappy marriage of the two products, I applied the hardener alone the next day. However, the same thing happened, very strange.

Although my nails do feel stronger having used this product, the cracking and chipping are unsightly. Oddly, despite the cracks and chips, the parts that did adhere to the nail were extremely difficult to take off without using a harsh acetone based remover.

I'm always a little suspicious of products purchased on ebay, I mean you just don't know, do you? However, I won't be repurchasing in order to find out. Has anyone out there tried this product before? Has this happened with yours? Let me know, please.

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