23 February 2011

Naked Frustration

So, here I have been... lusting... hankering after the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Truly a thing of beauty, full of gorgeous neutral colours, every last one of which, I can envision myself wearing and enjoying daily.

There's a problem! Well, we all know (or do now) that there was a shortage and Urban Decay had to change the pencil included for a brush in order to keep up with production. So, I enquired about retailers in Portugal, since my usual online method continued to be fruitless, and Urban Decay have confirmed that there isn't a single retailer in the country. What? Now, let me get this straight, Sephora stocks this item in France, Italy and Spain, amongst other countries, but don't see fit to supply us in Portugal. For shame Sephora, for shame. I'm shaking my fist as I type. Are we so undeserving?

I am seriously not amused. The longer this palette continues to be unobtainable, the more seductive it gets. I swear, I'm dreaming about it on a nightly basis. My other shadows have been receiving contemptuous stares as I try to choose the one that least pales in comparison. This is becoming quite the unhealthy obsession. The worst thing is I have never had the privilege of trying an Urban Decay product, so in reality I have nothing to compare to, except the word of other bloggers who shamelessly flaunt their bounty (only joking ladies, it's on all your recommendations I base my love for this product, testament to the great reviews you write). I'm seriously green eyed right now.

I'm just going to have to console myself with a 'nata' (Portuguese custard tart), something that can only be had here, na na na na na na, so there!-D I would attach a picture of me in childlike sulky pose, but that would be slightly disturbing from a 30 year old I expect.


  1. Sorry lady....I hate it when you want something baaaaaaad and it's only available overseas!

  2. Just makes me want it even more, LOL.

  3. You'll need to do a blogger swap for some Portuguese goodies for Naked Palette :)

  4. I think I might have to do something like that eventually, must be patient though;-)