17 February 2011

ELF Studio Makeup Mist & Set

The claims say this makes makeup last longer and look more radiant. On initial use, I discovered that this is best used before mascara application. Yes, on that first day, after finishing my daily war paint for work, I was just about to leave, when I thought of using the Mist & Set. I spritzed and low and behold was gifted with a lovely set of instant racoon eyes, great! Before you ask, yes... I did hold it the recommended 12-16 inches away from my face. Needless to say on subsequent occasions I spritzed before applying mascara.

Anyway, I've experimented with this for about 2 weeks now and to be honest, I note neither longer lasting makeup nor a more radiant complexion. Oh well. I have to admit the spritzing thing itself is not unpleasant and perhaps this could be a nice little cool me down for the summer. However, if your expecting a miraculous boost to your makeup, this does not deliver any more than a water spray.

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