28 December 2010

Sigma F80 Flat top synthetic kabuki

Having heard so many positive things about Sigma brushes on the internet, I just had to try one out. My Coastal scents buffer has pretty much bitten the dust, it's usable, but on it's way out as you can see.

Therefore, I had the perfect excuse;-) I ordered and nervously waited, watching reports about delayed delivery due to weather conditions, but thankfully this little package was one of the few to make it without too much delay. I'm still actually waiting on some orders from the UK that were placed before this one. Well done to Sigma on that one.

Anyway, first impressions were that the brush itself looks like it's good quality, certainly better than I am used to in a buffer. A bargain at $16 and it's very dense. The Sigma version is on top and the Coastal Scents version is on the bottom, just to give you an idea. This particular brush is the F80, which is Flat and sold specifically as a buffer. There is also a domed version available, which they recommend for buffing around areas like the nose, but I am comfortable with the flat version for now.

I must say that using this I noticed there was more tugging on the skin if I wasn't careful, but that's due to the denser nature of the brush. The results were undoubtedly better, blending was a piece of cake and it really did give that air brushed look. Naturally I washed this brush before using and noticed it seemed to dry faster than other brushes of this type, this may be due to the synthetic bristles, which by the way are extremely soft. These are suitable for Vegan ladies out there. The other thing I noticed is that this brush doesn't seem to drink up my foundation. This is a problem I have noticed with both foundation brushes and buffers before. Some brushes appear to soak up so much product that it's both wasteful and a pain come brush washing time. No problems like that here.

I've got to say, I was a tad cynical before I tried this, but now I am actually browsing through their website thinking about what to get next. I would absolutely love to be able to buy a complete set, but can't justify the cost right now, it is just after Christmas after all and I've already been quite generous to myself. However, buying a brush per month should result in a very nice set in a year. I'll keep you updated.

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