10 October 2010

Mineral Foundation versus Liquid Foundation

Having used Clinique Superbalanced Foundation with relatively good results for many years, I was on the lookout for a new all purpose foundation. A colleague of mine had tried mineral foundations and loved them. So, off I went to do a bit of research and procured some for myself. Now, at that time there was nowhere in the area that stocked these mysterious products, so I resorted to ordering over the net. I should mention at this point that my skin type is combination and it's a little sensitive.
The first one I tried was Glo minerals, but after trying, I came to the conclusion that the result was not very flattering on my skin as the appearance seemed chalky and the colours were either too pink or too yellow. This was followed by Bare minerals, which had a much nicer finish. The colour I chose (light) was very natural, the application process could not have been quicker or easier, you literally just buff into the skin using very small amounts. The version I used was the original, which gave a slight sheen to the skin, this was in fact quite flattering. In addition, it had a built in SPF 15. I have been informed they have since launched a matte version also, but some have observed there may be a slight difference in the colour between the original and matte. Coverage with this product I would estimate to being between light to medium, depending on application. This seemed to be the answer and I used Bare minerals for about a year. However, skin changes with the seasons and dare I say it, with age. My skin started to dry out, particularly around the tip of my nose. It became flaky and no amount of moisturizer helped. To add to the problem, mineral foundations only emphasized the dryness. Disaster!
Devastated I went back to the internet and spent weeks researching new foundations, the pro, the cons etc. I decided to return to liquid foundations and eventually settled on Make Up For Ever HD foundation.

I must say, it isn't the cheapest. However, it has sorted out my skin. I've been using it for almost the same length of time I used the minerals and no problems. To be honest my skin has never been better. A small amount goes a very long way and I am a once a day application girl. I do not believe in having to reapply in the afternoon. This lasts all day with minimum shininess and believe me when I say I am prone to shininess. The colour selection is quite amazing, I don't think I have ever seen so many, so there is certainly a match for you (I'm 135-vanilla). I've experimented with using with the same brand primer and without and both had good results, primer giving a little more longevity, but not a huge difference. The cover could be described as medium to full, without being mask like and is best applied with a good foundation brush and then lightly buffed.
To sum up, I have come to the conclusion that for my skin type and considering what I expect from a foundation, liquid is usually better for me. However, I have occasionally used minerals since and find for those summer, I'm not wearing any makeup days when skin is naturally oilier, it is great. A quick dusting to mask imperfections without looking made up and I am good to go. For the rest of the year and for work/going out when I want to look polished, the HD foundation is inevitably what I reach for every time on those days/nights.
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