01 May 2012

Could Lip Stains be the Answer?

Of late, I have been getting more and more into lip colour. Gone are the days of barely there gloss and a dramatic dark eye being the only option for a night out. Typically, I would wear more discrete eye makeup during the day anyway, but for night it was a case of the more dramatic, the better, within limits of course.

Nowadays, I am finding a pop of colour on the lips brightens my complexion for daytime and gives a more polished look. While for night, a classic red lip can be oh so sophisticated. However, this does not come without drawbacks lippy on teeth being one best avoided and then there is the difficulty in eating/drinking, by which even the best of lipsticks and glosses are not left unmarred.

My thoughts are now veering towards the good old lip stain. Uncharted territory for me thus far, but one I am increasingly willing to explore. In the past I would have avoided these like the plague, given the limited colour choice at the time and the fact that my lips are like the Sahara at the best of times. However, the idea that I could apply one product at the beginning of the day/evening and then just go over with lip balm to maintain the look is tempting and many companies such as Stila, Revlon, Benefit etc. now have several options shade-wise. Now to find the one with the perfect colour and let the experimentation begin.

Any suggestions?


  1. I swatched a couple of the Revlon lip stains on my hand the last time I was out shopping and got scared off because they bled into all the little lines on my hand really bad and I couldn't imagine what that would look like on the lips.
    I'd be interested to know what others think though.

  2. I wonder if a clear liner would help with that. I know L'oreal and TBS do them.