03 April 2012

Once, Twice, Three Times an Acne Free Lady

Last year my skin was possibly at the worst it has been in my entire life. Having gone through the usual spotty teens followed by a relatively good run in my twenties, I was faced with skin in my early thirties that seemed to have multiple personalities. It was simultaneously sensitive, rosacea prone, combination, acne prone and showing the first signs of aging, while also needing constant protection from the sun. I swear there is no product out there that looks after all these issues. So, a long process of readjusting my daily routine ensued and I (knocking on wood as we speak) appear to have cracked it for now. 

Now, let me just explain that while my skin was never perfect, it really did get so bad last year that I was getting embarrassed. Off to the Pharmacy I went and consulted the white coated assistant. I was advised to cut back my routine to only include products for sensitive skin and use SPF 50. This I did, but saw little or no improvement. However, I chose to continue to use the sensitive products like Bioderma H20 and Avene gentle cleanser while I looked for a remedy. 

It was on another trip to the pharmacy that I spied this baby, Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care and I haven't looked back since. 
This product is a hydrating lotion designed for daily use and should be used all over the face except for the eye area. It uses a combination of salicylic acid, LHA and glycolic acid to unclog pores, mattify and kill acne. 

 I started using it twice a day, while also using SPF on top during the day. After seeing a vast improvement I cut it back to just night time to see if my combo skin could stay clear without drying out. Guess what, months later and it's still working. In fact I have already repurchased and am slowly working my way through my second bottle. My skin continues to get better and better and occasionally, when I feel something brewing under the surface, I apply this that night and the next day that blemish has either vanished or is significantly deflated. 

The key here for me at least, is to adjust according to what my skin needs. There are days when I use a normal moisturiser on my cheeks and this on my T-zone only. There may be days when I don't use this at all, but I use this at least every second day in one way or the other and it has changed my skin beyond all recognition. 

Thank you Vichy for designing an anti acne product that we sensitive skinned girls can actually use:D

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