06 November 2011

Handbag Envy

Strange as it may seem, I have never lusted after Burberry nor have I suffered from the green eyed monster for many other designer brands. I love a leather bag that feels like it's good quality, but I don't like over the top branding and logos ( they should be paying me for the advertising) and I'm quite hard to please. It has to be eye catching without being obnoxious, I don't like patent leather in general and it has to go with more than one outfit. My bag needs to carry everything other than the kitchen sink, but cannot look too bulky. A tall order perhaps? One final thing, it cannot cost me an obscene amount of money.

Cavalinho is a Portuguese brand that always seems to have something that ticks the right boxes for me. The prices range from somewhere in the 30 something range to a couple of hundred Euros, so plenty of scope there. The thing I love about these bags is that they feel like they're great quality. They stand up against a serious amount of abuse in my case. I'm not precious with my bags, while I want them to look good, they are a functional item and should take some beating. I also love that I can support a smaller company than the designer brands and when I travel to the UK or Ireland, not every other girl has a bag like mine. Mind you, they still cast admiring glances in my bag's direction ( I caught you girlies).

There's something about the colour ranges and shapes as well, there's always something that speaks to me. I'm still suffering from an encounter with the other day. I fell in complete and utter love, but this close to Christmas, I cannot start buying myself little pressies like that. You can see the offending items in the above images. Even now I feel my pulse starting to race. So, consider these babies firmly and safely on my Xmas and every other time of the year wish-list.

Check these out at www.cavalinhostore.com The website is available in English as well as in Portuguese. While there is a charge for delivery, I think it still works out to be very good value.

Disclaimer: Cavalinho and their representatives have no idea I exist and I have fallen in love with their products all by myself. Cavalinho handbags currently in my possession were purchased by me with my hard earned cash.

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