04 August 2011

Sigma Travel Kit - Naughty in Black - a win!

About a week or so ago, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I was casually checking my emails and spied one from Kat at Click & Make-up ( check out her blog at http://www.clickandmake-up.com), I had won a giveaway, woohoo! Now, you must understand two things... firstly, I never win competitions or giveaways, really.. NEVER! Secondly, I have been craving a set of Sigma brushes for the longest time. If you don't believe me, check out my previous Sigma posts. I've had to console myself with the occasional brush purchase, one or two at a time.

 Anyway, this not only made my day, but it made my week. My boyfriend smiled sweetly when I started bouncing up and down, smiling like a Cheshire cat. He didn't quite understand my delight, but attempted to show some enthusiasm, bless.

It arrived yesterday, my new baby:

It includes:

1 Large Powder F30 – This is a dense, round topped brush with natural bristles for applying powder products.

1 Large Angled Contour F40 – an angled brush with natural bristles for contouring

1 Foundation F60 – for liquid or cream foundations and applying moisturisers or concealing larger areas. This is much softer than my Body Shop foundation brush, very interested to see the difference it makes.

1 Pencil E30 – natural bristles for crease work and more precise application

1 Tapered blending E40 – natural bristles, rounded and tapered for blending

 1 Eye Shading E55 – natural bristles, soft and densely packed. For applying colour all over the lid.

1 Concealer F70 – this is tapered, round and flat and is particularly recommended for the under eye area. This is wider than the Body Shop concealer brush I use; I’ll do a comparison soon.


 And as an added bonus a Duo-fibre F50 was included in the package separately. This should be perfect for light applications and blending my new NYX cream blush.

The case itself is a smart and compact (sounds like a car advert) imitation leather black textured finish with the Sigma logo on the front. This is a roll style case, with a magnetic fastening hidden within the case itself. Very snazzy.

This kit gets a 5 star customer rating on Sigma’s website and I can see why. It’s a lovely bit of kit. I’m going to take great pleasure in trying all of these out and will post reviews on each brush as and when I can. I’ll be off to Ireland for a week soon to see the family and this will be perfect for my carry-on. I won’t be checking in any luggage, so packing light is essential. The brushes are a good size, not your usual flimsy travel brushes. I’ve had bad experiences with those in the past. I’ve washed them already as instructed, with minimal shedding and am eager to try them out.

 Again I’d like to say a big Thank you to Kat and encourage you all to enter her giveaways, they’re pretty fab:-D


  1. Congratulations on winning, iv'e heard alot about sigma brushes and heard they are wonderful,

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  2. Cheers ladies, I'll keep you updated on how I get on with them:D