25 July 2011

It won't let you down

Rexona or Sure, depending on where you live. The warm weather has kicked in, finally. So, the constant worry of dampness and being less than fresh has followed suit. I've tried just about every type of antiperspirant out there, with varying degrees of success. Mitchum was one of the better ones, but it dried my skin out resulting in not so attractive  red, flaky patches. Odaban was an experiment I conducted last summer, let's just say it was less than successful and my underarms were on fire. Not something I wanted to repeat this year.
I had spotted Rexona Maximum Protection in the supermarket a couple of times, but having had so many failures in the past, I was less than enthusiastic about trying yet another product. I am so glad I did.
This product should be applied at night after a shower, 2 clicks only. It's creamy, has a pleasant enough fragrance and didn't sting at all, not even a little. Although the instructions say it isn't essential, this can be repeated in the morning. I decided better safe than sorry and used it again. Low and behold, not only was I odour free all day, but bone dry, this is a first.
Ladies, for those of you who find the common type of deodorant or antiperspirant doesn't cut it in heat, this could be the answer.

I warn you to let this dry before dressing as otherwise white patches are a given. Otherwise you could use this at night and use a lighter deodorant during the day. The manufacturers say this is effective even after a shower.

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