25 July 2011

Mavala - Elle nail polish

Normally I'm quite traditional with nail colours, favouring deep reds, nudes or blacks, depending on mood and season. I generally like more natural colours on long nails for summer and more dramatic shades on shorter nails for winter. 'Elle' by Mavala is not a colour I'd have gone for before, right now I'm undecided, but I think later in the year ie. A/W I could love this as a less severe alternative to black. Let's see.

In terms of application, this is pretty fool proof. The Mavala brush is flattish and wide enough so I could avoid streaks and the formula seems to be fast drying. This is tempting me to try some other Mavala colours, which strangely enough I never have before. I was always somewhat put off by the smaller bottles. However, considering how many larger bottles have gone to waste and become useless due to going gloopy, I think I may have to rethink this.

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