05 June 2011

Boticario Eye Primer

After trying an eye primer for the first time and finding there was a significant difference in terms of the time my shadow lasted, I thought I should try another. Hard to believe, I know, but eye primers seem to be something that's quite hard to get over here in Portugal. For some reason, very few of the high street brands seem to sell them. So, this time, it was o Boticario's primer that was selected for the test. I don't know how many of you have this brand in your country, but from what I know, it's Brazilian and ladies, when you enter their shops, you are met with a medley of yummy smelling goodies. They seem to have everything, ranging from hair products to perfumes. Price wise, they're not bad at all, this primer was €10.50. They also have an online shop that could be worth checking out.

So, I've been using this for the past couple of months, I didn't post about it earlier because I wanted to see how it fared when the weather heated up. Being in a squeezy tube applicator with a small nozzel, it's very easy to control the amount of product and very little is required. I find less is more with this. The reason being that the colour is very white and too much means teadeous blending.

That aside, this seems to feel kind of cooling when applied and dries quite quickly. Lasting power is average, while it does make the shadow last longer and gives the colour some punch, it's not infallible and won't keep things from creasing for an infinity, but for a full day of work and the trip home, this works nicely. The fact that so little is needed means this should last for ages:-)

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