28 November 2010

Does Macadamia healing oil work?

HeartImage via WikipediaAny of my regular readers may recall my last trip to the hairdressers, where to my dismay, it was declared that my hair was in bad condition. OK, I can't pretend I was really THAT shocked, but rather disappointed. Since then, I have been using Macadamia healing oil religiously in the hope it would make a difference. So, today was the big day... I went in for my my 2 monthly highlights, opting for the usual light blonde highlights with some of my natural colour (it's somewhere between a dark blonde and a reddish colour) in ratio 3:1. The idea is that by having some of my natural colour in there, it makes regrowth less obvious and there are no silly lines in front of the ears when hair is tied back. It also makes for a more natural multi-tonal blonde. Anyway, after all was done and my hair was finished, I meekly inquired about the condition of my hair. Hurrah! Its improved condition has now been confirmed by the professionals. Macadamia oil, I love you.

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