24 October 2010

Love Eyeko?

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After spotting a brand called Eyeko during an evening's browsing, I decided to check them out. To my delight I discovered they provide free postage in the EU. Now, the product I was particularly interested in trying was the 3 in 1 eyecream. It's descibed as a three in one MOISTURISER, HIGHLIGHTER & EYE CREAM, but from most of the reviews I read it was mainly rated as a highlighting cream. Then, when I thought things couldn't get any better than free postage, they offered a free gift with purchases over £10/€12/$15. That was it.... I simply couldn't resist and having heard of a particularly nice nail varnish from their range, I threw caution to the wind. I ordered the 3 in 1 cream, the nail varnish, which is called Vampira, and finally some strawberry Fat Balm.

So, I took my time when choosing these products and there were some nice little blogs on the website. Apparently, they have 'Ambassadors', who write blogs for them or promote their products, and in return receive a commission when customers use their promotion codes during purchase. There is a plus side to this, in that when a code is used you can receive a free gift. However, I was not going to trust their opinion alone, so I went online and searched and searched some more. Generally, the reviews for the cream were good. The reviews I found were for the original version, not the tinted or extra glow versions of the same product. This was €9. I chose the nail varnish because at  €4, it was a bargain. The choices were limited in terms of colour, in my opinion at least. Most were very young and trendy blues, greens etc. I generally like a neutral french polish base colour, or a nice deep red to black shade. Vampira is a black with very subtle red glitter, which is barely noticeable, but gives the shade a little warmth and depth. Perfect for Halloween and suitable for work I reasoned. Finally, I chose the strawberry Fat Balm, again after some research, it was recommended on Eyeko's website as being good for giving just a hint of colour. This was €4.

My package arrived just a few days after ordering, 3 I think. I ripped open the package and decided to use the cream straight away. I've been using it since, this is now day 3 and I am as yet, undecided. Different people have suggested using it different ways, which as a highlighter is not unusual. Honestly, as someone that is accustomed to using a shimmer eyeshadow (NYX) as a highlighter on cheekbones and brow bone, this is a little too  subtle. I can barely tell it's even there and I am not someone that likes the plastic look either. Now, at this point I should point out that the company website suggests using on naked skin, yes without makeup (the horror). I could not do that, so have tried using in the above mentioned places under foundation and then dabbing a little on over foundation again. I am still not convinced, but shall continue to experiment for a few days on that one. However, I have found it is good for under the eyes. I tend to get those little blue/purple under eye shadows (I have very pale skin) and this seems to work well for brightening them just enough that foundation and a tiny amount of concealer can be more effective. For this I have used it under foundation, but will experiment over as well.

The Vampira nail varnish turned out to be a lovely colour and after being applied 2 days ago with base coat and top coat, has yet to chip. This, as any lover of dark polishes will know, is unusual among varnishes of any price range.  The only downside to this particular polish is that the colour is not completely opaque, even with 2 coats. Now, that may change as the varnish thickens a little after opening, but I do like my dark colours to be perfectly opaque when they should be.

Finally, the Fat Balm, really I bought this as an item to get the price over €13 in order to get the nail varnish as my free gift. Well, it turned out to be my favorite of the products. This is a nice moisturizing balm, and the colour is gorgeous. It's sheer, but definitely there and very very flattering to the lips. It gives them a nice fresh and natural healthy look.  It's so much cheaper than wearing lipstick and to be honest, with the amount of coffee etc. I drink during the day, it's quite a saving. It's got just the right amount of subtle sheen and shimmer. A winner!

To sum up, I found the prices for these products were very reasonable, particularly when the free delivery was taken into account. The packaging is cute, so much so that it seems to be aimed at a very young market. However, there are some products and colours I love just as much now as I did 10 years ago and I refuse to be pigeon holed in my spending. The range is limited, but I believe this is a new brand to the market and therefore, the range may expand readily in the future. The delivery was probably the fastest I have had yet from any company in the UK, quite impressive actually. Overall, I'm pretty happy without being broke after my little purchases and am looking forward to figuring out the perfect usage for my 3 in 1 cream. Judging by the enormous size of the tub, I'll have plenty to practise with. 
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