23 September 2010

Xen Tan Dark Lotion

Tanned armImage via WikipediaAs a cornflake freckled, pale skinned destined never to be tanned kinda girl, I had searched high and low for a convincing fake tan. To date I've been every shade of orange, yellow and mud you can possibly imagine. I've been two-toned, patchy and goodness knows what else. While some of the products were undoubtedly at fault, I confess my technique may not have been the best and I am lacking in patience when it comes to careful blending and assuming strange positions while waiting to dry. Then again, I have always believed I shouldn't have to. Shouldn't a good self tanner dry quickly, blend easily and look convincing? Yes, it should!
Finally, after years of buying, trying and dumping in the rubbish, I have finally found a product that does everything I wanted it to do. It's called Xen Tan. There are 2 products in this range that I can recommend from experience, the Dark lotion and the Mist intense. Both have their merits. The Dark Lotion is better if you are prepared for a little more blending around areas such as the hands and feet, especially if you're naturally very pale as it lasts longer, almost an entire week. This was with no top ups in between. I showered each day, alternating between using a poof or not and moisturized thoroughly daily. While the Mist Intense does not last quite as long, it is much quicker to apply and blends more easily on tricky areas like hands and feet. Both should be applied with a tanning mitt and develop over a similar length of time, typically overnight.
Although I'm sure with repeated application the Mist Intense can result in the same colour as the Dark Lotion, I found it tended to be a slightly lighter colour. However, this may look more natural and dare I say pretty on lighter skins. For the inexperienced I would certainly suggest the Mist Intense as it is less obvious when mistakes are made (there won't be many) and it isn't as long lasting if you're not happy.
To sum up, if you love the idea of being bronzed, but have hated all the other products you've tried, give this range a chance. It really has restored my faith in Faux tanning, to the point where I might even consider myself a tanning addict. There are even times I forget I'm not naturally this golden hue. Trying is really believing in this case.
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